We can help you design an eco-healthy home and save by using sustainable materials and energy efficient appliances.

If you are one of the many people concerned about the environment, we can help you choose energy-efficient and eco-friendly products to allow you to support green living in Manhattan, Riverdale or Westchester. Enjoy your home knowing that everything that was used from materials to paint is creating a healthy and sustainable environment for you and your family.



Kennedy Green HouseContemporary Design is proud to be a part of creating an eco friendly kitchen for Kennedy family. Read more about the renovation in House Beautiful.

Contemporary Design installed the eco – friendly kitchenette with stainless steel cabinets inset with glass panels. The Carrara marble countertop was found by the client and reclaimed from a Park Avenue demolition site. Recut to fit the space this beautiful marble countertop provides a perfect contrast to the custom cabinetry.Stainless steel kitchen by Holiday; faucet by Kohler; microwave, refregerator drawer and dishwasher by Elektrolux.

In his foreword of the book Robert F. Kennedy, Jr talks about the motivation and decision to design and build a eco friendly house.

“Homeowners frequently fail to take advantage of many tax breaks and incentives offered by state and federal governments for building LEED-certified homes and adding green features. People who live in green houses save money by consuming less energy and less water than standard homes. Green homes are more durable than conventional structures and require fewer repairs. Soon, it will cost less to insure a green home than a standard home. Finally, green home resale values are far higher than those of comparable standard homes.”

“Everyone can profit from the green gold rush.And by greening your own crib, you can help our country solve our most urgent national problems – global warming, security, a staggering debt, and a stagnant economy.”

– Robert.R.Kennedy, Jr.


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